RUSSEL of TRAUMA, the most hated band in iLL City

We are beyond excited to announce that Trauma Guitarist Russel Jalbuena is officially Endorsed by 33! We will be supporting him with strings, accessories and merch throughout all his gigs. We are also in talks about a Signature String coming out soon.

Russel and 33Guitar Strings Video Series

About the Artist

Russel spent his time learning how to play guitar at 12, and joined a band at 15. He is fond of listening to different genres of music, but the metal genre caught his attention at an early age. He prides himself as one of the metal guitarists earning awards here in Iloilo and from other provinces. He is currently the guitarist of a groove metal band, Trauma. You can also check their Spotify and Youtube channel in the links below

Trauma Youtube Link


"Iloilo Hardcore" is a heavy hardcore album with guest vocalists such as Mista Blaze and Chris Vergara. One of the tracks "Bakod" won an award as the best in composition in 2016, this also consists a crowd favorite track titled "Atik"


Iloilo's Most Hated

"Iloilo's Most Hated" is the second album which has an added groove metal elements and more brutal lyrics, most words are diss tracks.

Iloilo's Most Hated Spotify Link

Ilonggo Wicked

"Ilongo Wicked" is the 3rd album consisting of songs that is widely known not only in Iloilo, but also in Luzon and Mindanao. Heavier, groovier and more melody, compared to the first and second albums.

Ilonggo Wicked Spotify Link

What's next for Russel and Trauma

Currently, Russel and his band are busy performing and selling merchandise such as their albums and limited edition clothes. You can also follow their Fb page (TRAUMA ILOILO) to know what they are up to.

Trauma Facebook PAge