Kay Chiu and 33 Guitar Strings

Kay Chiu

Kay Chiu is an artist, performer, model and influencer. She is using our "Swabe Series" and "T Series" in her musical journey as an acoustic performer. She loves music, coffee and cats.

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Kay as an Influencer

Kay as an Influencer has previously worked with Bioderm, Efficascent Oil, Casino Alcohol, Dr. S. Wong and Bioflu (UNILAB). She also has ongoing/contractual endorsements/sponsorship with iLLCity, BKNW, St. Michael’s Dental Care, Rejen Aesthetic Center, Shine Korean Salon, Wowhappy PH, Caked HQ and Studiomatic.

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What's next for Kay Chiu

Kay has taken a step back from having a full schedule of gigging and she is now focusing her sights on big events such as festivals, and weddings. You can follow and reach her through her social media pages by clicking on the links provided.

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